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BOOM! BOOM! Out Go The Lights on Oracle v Google

Oracle’s attempt to tax Android/Linux with patents and mess with Android/Linux with copyrights has been shot down. The jury has decided there was not much copying. The patents fell apart and the judge has just ruled that APIs (Application Programming … Continue reading

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UK Refuses to Fund IT Projects That Did Not Evaluate FLOSS

It’s about time. The UK now requires proposals for funding IT to consider FLOSS in the mix of solutions. That should take care of a lot of networks, services, databases and desktops. One of my favourite themes is considering price/performance … Continue reading

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Fedora Considers Building In a Dependency on M$…

Fedora is considering getting M$ to sign a bootloader for them so they can boot Fedora GNU/Linux on UEFI hardware. This is a dangerous precedent. Different evil scenarios: M$ gets this procedure to become standardized in GNU/Linux and then revokes … Continue reading

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A Measure of the Bias of NetApplications Against GNU/Linux

Another month approaches and we expect to read once again how GNU/Linux is not making it on the desktop as evidenced by NetApplications biased web-sampling: For the week of April 1, 2012: Region Share (%) USA 1.28 USA without Google … Continue reading

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Samsung: New Chrome OS Desktop and Notebook

If anything indicated GNU/Linux is mainstream, Samsung releasing a product based on GNU/Linux for desktop and notebook is. The ChromeOS devices are great for people needing mobility or less clutter on desks who mainly use web/cloud apps. As such, a … Continue reading

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