Samsung Under Pressure to Seek New Growth-engines

Samsung has been growing like Topsy but is running out of opportunities. I have a few suggestions:

  • Produce GNU/Linux + FLOSS PCs based on ARM. Samsung has all the pieces and the shelf-space to bring it to market in a big way. They had success with Android/Linux on small gadgets. They can extend the technology a bit and do the marketing. They should try Debian GNU/Linux rather than Android/Linux for better performance but keep Android around to run those legacy apps. Add telephony to the PC. Using ARM and FLOSS will provide an advantage over the competition and provide larger margins than Wintel.
  • Produce a system that will allow a smartphone to be a phone, tablet, server or desktop system. With FLOSS the software is no problem. Create standards for hardware interconnection of gadgets.
  • Share. Start with a good idea and invite others to contribute. That way you will get to market sooner and under budget.

see Digitimes – Samsung under presure to seek new growth engines, says Research and Markets.

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