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Another Canadian School Division Does IT the Right Way – GNU/Linux and Thin Clients

I have long advocated GNU/Linux plus thin clients be the keystone of IT in schools. There are lots of advantages: easy, centralized control of all software and hardware, easy and quick software updates, less money spent on licensing software, improved … Continue reading

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Standby for the ARMed Server Wars

Dell has been quietly grinding out a design for a rackmounted server using ARMed CPUs. You can get over 2000 CPU cores in a rack with a ton of RAM and storage for a few watts per core. HP, Calxeda … Continue reading

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Samsung Under Pressure to Seek New Growth-engines

Samsung has been growing like Topsy but is running out of opportunities. I have a few suggestions: Produce GNU/Linux + FLOSS PCs based on ARM. Samsung has all the pieces and the shelf-space to bring it to market in a … Continue reading

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