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Illegal Use of Software in China

I have lived and worked off the beaten track. I know how casual people can be about legally copying or using software. China is reputed to be one of the most disrespectful countries for copyright. Recent numbers by the BSA … Continue reading

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Innovation = Freedom: Eben Moglen

I have long touted the four freedoms of Free Software as the best way to do IT and being good for the economy, enabling everyone to participate. Eben Moglen, guru of Software Freedom Law Center, gave a speech along the … Continue reading

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Debian Wheeze Freeze approaching!

Debian is working towards freezing the packages to be included in Wheezy (7.0) in June. I have been using Wheezy for months and find it quite usable although the installer did not work for me a couple of times. With … Continue reading

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Winter is the chief killer of deer here. A normal winter kills a fair number of deer and particularly the youngsters who have not bulked up and cannot forage/browse in the deep snow. The past winter was very mild, both … Continue reading

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The ARMed Race in IT

Some people think the Android/Linux phenomenon on ARMed CPUs is all about mobility. Mobility is a good fit. Availability of apps is great. The real story, the one we will tell our grandchildren about is ARM taking over on desktop … Continue reading

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