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Microsoft Changes Terms Of Service To Avoid Future Class-Action Suits | TheTechJournal

Non-Free software just got a little less free. M$ and others are putting wording into their licence-agreements that customers cannot file class-action lawsuits. This is another reason never to use non-free software. There’s just no recourse for getting messed up … Continue reading

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The Galician Autonomous Region of Spain has a Plan 2012 to use Free Software

There’s something about Spain… Years ago it was Extremadura switching to GNU/Linux over a weekend, more recently Andalucia switched. Now Galicia is investing nearly €1 million in promotion of FLOSS for business and government. They have already saved €2.5 million … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Make Pact With The Devil

The Catholic church has long ago pioneered education as a means of propagating faith and knowledge. The deal they have made with M$ goes against all that. M$ is all about keeping users of their products in the dark about … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer Becomes Irrelevant

At a recent event, Ballmer stated that M$ expects “8” to be on 500 million PCs next year. M$ has now made a retraction. The imaginary number is about the possible upgrading of “7” to “8”… Consumers won’t do that … Continue reading

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