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Why is it that, with seed in the ground, temperatures stay low?

All winter we had above normal temperatures. In the beginning of May, temperatures were much higher and I planted. Now, temperatures are 10°C below normal. tomatoes and peppers are in shock: “You want us to grow in this?” corn has … Continue reading

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Ending Long Gun Registry Act Came Into Force

“PROCLAMATIONS OF CANADA AND ORDERS IN COUNCIL RELATING TO THE COMING INTO FORCE OF ACTS — 30 JANUARY, 2012 TO 25 APRIL, 2012 Coming into Force Canada Gazetter Part II Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, S.C. 2012, c. 6, the … Continue reading

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More Signs of Crumbling Monopoly at M$

Changes at M$ are not just about the next step on the Wintel treadmill: M$’s office suite may be released for iOS and Android/Linux… M$’s OS will rely less on re-re-reboots and more on intelligent behaviour… M$’s OS will rely … Continue reading

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I have been working with the family to clean/repair/maintain the old homestead. I have been reliving memories of 20+ years ago when I was young and strong and raising a family. Here’s a picture of me on a swing I … Continue reading

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