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VIA Launches its Own Small Cheap Computer

Well, it’s actually just a motherboard but it looks more like an x86 ITX motherboard than an ARMed thingy but it is a step up on smart phones and the like with only one USB ports. This thing has 4 … Continue reading

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Adventures on the Old Homestead

The little woman and I built a fine home 22 years ago and now are in the process of selling it. It needs quite a bit of maintenance, some of which we did today. I had the fun of taking … Continue reading

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Google Buys Motorola Mobility

Finally all the hurdles have been overcome and Google has completed the purchase of Motorola Mobility. I expect we shall see more devices made by Google and more patents available to counter-sue the bastards trying to mess with competition. Once … Continue reading

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The Only One

Megalomania Meg`a*lo*ma”ni*a, n. [NL., fr. megalo- + mania.] (Pathol.) A form of mental alienation in which the patient has grandiose delusions. [1913 Webster] megalomaniacal M$ is quoted as claiming, ” ARM processors, which power virtually all iOS, Android, and Windows … Continue reading

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