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I find it puzzling that some still cling to the idea/belief/lie that only non-free software can be good or that one must run non-free software to get things done. Some say it’s all about the applications and assume only non-free … Continue reading

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Knowledge Should Be Free

When a father teaches his son how to “hunt” or a mother teaches her children how to get along with people, there is no price attached to the transaction. The same goes for all knowledge. The world is a better … Continue reading

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ARM v Intel – Push Comes to Shove

I predicted this year would see serious intrusion of ARMed PCs into the traditional territory of Intel. There have been moves on the client and server front. For years ARM claimed to be about controllers/gadgets and mobile but now ARM … Continue reading

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Microsoft Goes To War With OEMs

M$ has long had a lever on OEMs: sell the One True OS and receive a share of the exorbitant licensing fees hidden in the price and a bit OEMs charge certain suppliers to add stuff to the system… That … Continue reading

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