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More FUD Goes “THUD!”

For many years, users of M$’s OS have pompously touted as one of the advantages of being locked in to M$’s OS was the ability to play DVDs, “out of the box”. Well, that’s no longer going to be the … Continue reading

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A Notebook for the Women in My Life

I have a notebook PC that I was using in the North. I got it from my son who moved on to something better but it has 2 gB RAM and 1.6gHz Core 2 CPU. The thing I really hate … Continue reading

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Vivaldi Tablet Could be the One

A KDE-group is behind the production and distribution of a new tablet designed to run FLOSS from top to bottom. GNU/Linux on an ARMed tablet should give performance benefits. The gadget runs a 1gHz ARM A9. The OS is Mer … Continue reading

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The Writing is on the Wall

When an ARM processor can run at 3gHz+ are desktop applications far behind? 28nm has done wonders for power-consumption as well as cranking up the speed limit. There are very few uses for that kind of power in mobile devices … Continue reading

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