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My Little World

My neighbourhood is small, a farming and bedroom community near Winnipeg. Net Applications has stats! The rapid fluctuations indicate a rather small sample size but there is definitely a trend towards increasing MacOS and GNU/Linux share of visitors. There are … Continue reading

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Prague in the Spring

It appears the Czechs are serious about GNU/Linux: Prague is hot. The whole country is doing quite well: That’s consistent with reports that the Czech government uses FLOSS extensively: Suse server provides documents to citizens The tiny municipality of Grygov … Continue reading

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Planting Trees

It’s time to plant trees in our lot of mud. Today, I dug 25 holes with a spade and planted 9 trees. These were seedlings last year, just babies. I am not as young as I used to be and … Continue reading

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Court of Justice of the European Union: “The functionality of a computer program and the programming language cannot be protected by copyright”

“the Court holds that neither the functionality of a computer program nor the programming language and the format of data files used in a computer program in order to exploit certain of its functions constitute a form of expression. Accordingly, … Continue reading

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May 2012 Web Server Survey | Netcraft

That other OS share of active sites is down to 12%. That says a lot about the cost, scalability and reliability of that other OS… May 2012 Web Server Survey | Netcraft.

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Q1 2012 Should Have Made a Big Hit On M$’s Web Stats

According to Canalys, tablets were 19% of PC shipments in Q1 and 40% in USA. That means M$’s share of newly-connected devices is way down. HP and Apple are practically tied for units shipped and Apple does not ship M$’s … Continue reading

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