OEMs of PCs Doing the Maths

OEMs have figured out that “8” will not drive a wave of replacements of PCs because of the cost of touch-screens, CPUs and the licence of that other OS. Consumers are going to prefer small cheap computers with */Linux. This is what M$ feared a decade ago when PCs were ~$1K. The difference is that tablet PCs running */Linux are on retail shelves and consumers can see the prices… M$ and “partners” have nowhere to hide.

In other news, Digitimes reports that 21.5 million tablet PCs are expected to ship in Q2 2012, compared to 90 million x86 PCs…

Can you hear the shackles falling off a billion or more users of PCs?

see Digitimes – PC vendors reportedly facing challenges from Windows 8

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  1. dougman says:

    Using Windows, your just setting yourself up for a “Irish Potato Famine” incident.


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