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Oracle Clutches at Pieces of Straw

It is said that a drowning man figuratively “clutches at straws”. Oracle has passed that. They are clutching at any particle of straw floating on the water. Today, in court, “Mr. Jacobs: Further to ownership and registration and other formalities. … Continue reading

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Seeds and Seedlings

I wrote a while ago about collecting seeds from pine. Here is the result: About half of the seeds planted sprouted. That will more than meet my needs. I will be giving some away. I have a tonne of other … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Demo

Chuckle. The trolls, paytards and evangelists of big expensive computers made fun of it but this demonstration of a Raspberry Pi by BBC shows it is not a toy. Although affordable by children it is a powerful modern computer that … Continue reading

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TSMC is on Fire

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is maxed out, with 47% margin, and plowing a lot of money into expansion of 28nm facilities. Clearly, the world is willing to pay a lot for chips and they want them now. A lot of … Continue reading

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Oracle v Google: The Jury Knows Ignorance When They Hear It

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant of sharing, FLOSS and the GPL that big players in the world of IT can be. Yesterday, I read the accounts on GROKLAW of the testimony of Jonathan Schwartz, ex-CEO of SUN … Continue reading

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