2012 Will Make Android/Linux King of Smart Phones

As if the current share were not large enough, HTC and FaceBook are rumoured to be getting together on a smart phone to be released in time for Christmas. FaceBook has a huge opportunity for advertising the new gadget. Rumour has it that it will run Android/Linux. Between all the OEMs making Android/Linux smart phones, service providers promoting them and “Big Brothers” like Samsung, Google and now FaceBook promoting them globally, no consumer will be able to hide from Android/Linux smart phones. Share of shipments now is well over 50%. The only question is how large the share will become. There does not seem to be any limit yet. At the present rate of growth everyone on the planet could have one within a few years. Will people ever have a need for two?

The rumoured deal will increase HTC’s share but it will also make Android/Linux smart phones ubiquitous in the mind-share of many users of the Internet. This competition to sell Android/Linux units will be good for consumers with lowered prices and increasing variety, quite a different case from that other monopoly that was formed by coercion.

see Digitimes – HTC, Facebook jointly developing smartphone, say sources

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