Apple’s Score

Apple has had another big quarter. The difference now is that although they had good growth, the world grew more and Apple no longer exceeds 50% share of smart phones or tablets.

Macs % of PCs iPhones % of smart phones iPads % of tablets
4 million 4.4% 35.1 million 27% 11.8 million 45%

Chart: Worldwide Smart Connected Device Shipments, 2010-2016 (Unit Millions)Description: This data comes from IDC’s WW Quarterly PC Tracker, WW Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, and WW Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker.Tags: Tracker, mobile phones, tablets, forecast, PCs, devices, consumer, IDC …Author: IDCcharts powered by iCharts

So, it has come to pass that, while Apple is making a lot of money, it is just another player in the game of making PCs, tablets or smart phones. I predicted this would happen because the world is a lot bigger than Apple and can make its own software and hardware faster, cheaper and more efficiently than any one corporation.

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One Response to Apple’s Score

  1. Clarence Moon says:

    it is just another player in the game of making PCs, tablets or smart phones

    Sic transit gloria, eh?

    Meanwhile, FLOSS entrepreneurs such as System 76 and the Long Dong Wu Tablet Works in Canton have such a rosy future! I can see them picking over the bones of the fallen behemoths like Apple and Microsoft. If only they had listened to you.

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