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Another Hatchet Job From Michael Larabel

Weekends are somewhat slow on the web so I dig around in cold dark corners for something about which to write. I visited this hatchet-job at Phoronix. Larabel seems to have little good to say about FSF and its list … Continue reading

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Shifting Tide of Battle

Techrights has had Novell and M$ under a microscope for the last five years but have now announced a change: “NOVELL is no longer a company, so we officially let it go about 2 months ago. We stopped researching the … Continue reading

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Myths and Market Share and Malware

One of the myths propagated by haters of FLOSS is that GNU/Linux and other FLOSS are not targets of malware writers because there are not enough units to bother or rather that M$ offers a larger target. There is no … Continue reading

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Mind-sets in Software

Some personal history about software: first software written by me in Fortran II-d on IBM 1620 (BCD computer made with germanium transistors and magnetic core memory), fall 1968, first use of GNU/Linux by me, fall 2000, and first realization that … Continue reading

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