Linus on Ideology

Linus Torvalds: “Linux doesn’t have an ideology, no,and I don’t think it should. The important part of the question is the word ‘an’; I do think there can be many ideologies: I do it for my own reasons, other people do it for their own reasons. It’s really refreshing to see people working on Linux because they believe they can make the world a better place by spreading technology and making it available to people more widely.”

Right on, Linus! My ideology is that GNU/Linux is the right way to do IT, as a cooperative product of the world making its own software. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux because it has all the properties of Free Software and a great package manager, APT. Debian has been making it easier to use GNU/Linux since 1996

see The Sunday Indian – Linux doesn’t have an ideology… and I don’t think it should

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    Until the RPM guys comes… 😛

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