Yet Another Small Cheap Computer

This thing can run Ubuntu GNU/Linux and look good all at the same time. For less than the price of a licence to run your PC from M$, you can buy this box made by Rhombus Tech.

“Rhombus Tech has been established to serve Free Software Developers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and Engineers with access to affordable, modern and importantly GPL-compliant hardware. The parent company, RH Technology Ltd, has established relations primarily with PRC factories and SoC fabless semiconductor companies that are keen to honour and respect the GPL and to foster relations with Free Software Developers, with the aim of creating mass-volume desirable and affordable Computing Appliances that are also suitable for Educational and R&D purposes.”

see Katherine Noyes – PC World – $70 ARM PC Can Run Android and Ubuntu Linux

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  1. oiaohm says:

    notzed Rhombus Tech has been working with Allwinner over GPL conformance. So might not be an Rhombus Tech device but the kernel used does have Rhombus Tech finger prints all over it. So the soc itself it part a joint project on the software side. Rhombus helping Allwinner with software conformance.

    Also Rhombus is helping to push the Allwinner kernel patches up to main kernel. Yes the problem when most of the Linux world speaks english and most of your developers don’t. This is a problem Allwinner has. Rhombus has a lot who speak both.

    Rhombus link to Allwinner is more complex than an normal. To be correct Allwinner and Rhombus have a common goal affordable computers for everyone.

    Allwinner chips you cannot lock the bootloader or the firmware from being replaced. To replace the bootloader required connecting a physical device.

    So a allwinner device is always convertible into another life.

    Something people have not got is Rhombus-Tech is a reuse and recycle project.

    EOMA68 is exactly the same shape and size as the PCMCIA that use to be used in laptops. Factories to make PCMCIA cards without humans in huge volumes are going obsolete. EOMA68 is a way to put this factories back into active production.

    Waste not want not. So as long as everything fits in to a EOMA68 card the cost of bring mass production in the millions on-line is almost nothing. Since the factories are built and would be scrap metal if they don’t get reconfigured.

    Yes the companies with old PCMCIA factories are interested in EOMA68 since it reduces rebuild cost.

    PCMCIA factories were designed to be reconfigured to make different cards.

    This is what makes Rhombus-tech different to rasberry pi. Rasberry pi needs factories for it that are producing other things. Rhombus-tech has factories without enough demand that need work.

  2. Uh… It runs Ubuntu GNU/Linux. That’s a bit more than a set-top box.

  3. notzed says:

    RT don’t have a device yet.

    The mele tv box is just a device that uses the same SOC and an easy and cheap way to get hold of a board for development.

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