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Status Report on That other OS

I think M$ would rather keep this one quiet. That other OS is showing little growth in the latest quarterly report. The illusion that M$ has the answers for IT is all but gone. After the client division declines, whither … Continue reading

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Qualcomm Maxed Out of ARMed Chips

Some of Qualcomm’s mid-range chips are in such demand that supply may not catch up until the end of the year. That bodes well for Android/Linux which can run on just about anything… thanks to the Linux kernel’s flexibility. Good … Continue reading

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Betting on the Wrong Horse

Digitimes reports that China is a hotbed of PC production and consumption and that OEMs are jockeying for share, betting on “8” and “ultrabooks” to advance their businesses. Reality could be different than those expectations. The “others” category in China … Continue reading

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