iPad Sinking Fast

The hype all over the web is that Apple’s iPad is dominating markets for tablets. Reality is different. Look at Amazon’s best sellers’ list:

  1. Kindle Fire
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  3. iPad 2
  4. iPad 2
  5. ASUS Transformer Prime
  6. iPad 2
  7. ASUS Transformer Prime
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  9. iPad
  10. Blackberry Playbook
  11. iPad
  12. Coby Kyros
  13. ASUS Transformer
  14. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  15. iPad

You have to get down to the ninth spot to see the latest and greatest and most-hyped model of iPad.

Chart: Worldwide Media Tablet Shipments Split by OS Historical and Forecast* 2010 – 2016 (Units in Millions)Description: Source: Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet & e-Reader Tracker, March 12, 2012Note: IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet & e-Reader Tracker provides total market size and vendor share for both the Media Tablet and eReader markets in 46 countries. Detailed historical segmentation is provided by CPU type, operating system, connectivity type, screen size and resolution, storage capacity, distribution channel, and customer segment. Measurement for this tracker is in units, value, and end-user price. For more information, or to subscribe to the research, please contact Kathy Nagamine at 1-650-350-6423 or knagamine@idc.com. Further detail about this tracker can be found at:http://www.idc.com/tracker/showproductinfo.jsp?prod_id=81Tags: IDC, Tracker, Worldwide, Media Tablets, Media Tablet, OS, Android, iOS …Author: IDCcharts powered by iCharts

According to IDC, Apple’s iPad units sold keeps increasing even while share of units drops. I think that is an optimistic projection. Amazon’s reality is different.

The world can build its own small cheap computers and doesn’t need Apple’s hype. Clearly, a lot of Android/Linux tablets are selling just as well or better than iPad.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to iPad Sinking Fast

  1. Phenom says:

    Weird. This is some Russian humorous site, probably something is not done right there. No idea, I have no connection with it, (neither with Russia). I merely visit it from time to time for a fresh load of cartoons and funny pictures.

  2. “exiftags pics-073.jpg
    Camera-Specific Properties:

    Camera Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows

    Image-Specific Properties:

    Image Orientation: Top, Left-Hand
    Horizontal Resolution: 72 dpi
    Vertical Resolution: 72 dpi
    Image Created: 2012:04:19 12:21:39
    Color Space Information: sRGB
    Image Width: 528
    Image Height: 700″

    I find it interesting that wget can download that file but on my system, Chrome cannot… What’s with that? According to netcraft, the site’s running “FreeBSD nginx 6-Jul-2011”

  3. notzed says:

    7″ and 10″ definitely are different devices: and imho 7″ will end up being more popular because being able to fit in a hand-bag or your pocket is a big winner. I don’t know exactly what a 10″ is really for (I just got one a week ago for work), because it’s a bit cumbersome, but still not a tv (too small, you have to hold it) and still not a pc (but only if you’re worried about web, which is so cumbersome to start with). Definitely has novelty value but that wont last forever.

    Android tablets are flooding the market, and what was once ‘cutting edge’ is last years technology so fast in this form factor, the 12 month cycle of apple is getting too slow to keep up. Just look on dx.com to see the sort of stuff coming out of china: it may not be cutting edge but all the new stuff is 1Ghz+ cpu, gpu, etc, which is more than enough for a 7″ screen and they’ll all be running android so they can avoid any software development overheads (and mostly avoid the problem of really crappy software that has generally plagues such cheap devices). And it’s all so dirt cheap – it might be junk, but it will still drive prices and margins down: look at what’s happened to hand-held power tools where the consumer vs trade divide has widened.

    Having said all that: apple are still doing extremely well … for the time being.

  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab and ASUS Transformer are both 10 inchers and more popular than iPad. The used iPads and obsolete models at lower prices are competitive, though. So, it is not correct to say that iPad rules in the 10″ category. If you have to limit iPads to competing in the market of things that sell in Apple’s stores, you are hiding in a crack in the rock.

  5. Clarence Moon says:

    Your view is somewhat distorted, I think, Mr. Pogson. The iPad is not really a competitor of the 7″ Kindle Fire and Samsung models listed ahead of it. The iPad rules in the 10″ category. To get to the no-name, cheapo sort of Android generic, you have to go way down the list.

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