What To Do About Websites That Offend The Eyes?

I came across a website today that really offended me. It contained important information from a famous brand but the colour scheme (thin white letters on a black background) and embedded legalese made finding information difficult. If that weren’t enough, they had the data I sought in a table that filled multiple screens with a single line of information across several columns with one huge column filled with legalese. There was no border=”1″ parameter so it was very difficult to know which data belonged in which row of the table…

Being detail-oriented, I viewed the source-code so that I could parse the table. It was clear that the legalese was repeated in each row so I copied the code and edited the table to be rows one line high. I also changed the background to a light colour and the text black. So simple… I then looked on the site for a contact to give feedback. There was none. An e-mail to webmaster@company.com bounced. Finally, through Wikipedia, I located the parent company and sent their sales team an e-mail with the revised source code and a snapshot. For good measure, I created a new column for the colour-code of the product and the name of the colour on the appropriate coloured background. It was like rationalizing a table in a database. Minimize duplication and speed access. The table that used to fill multiple screens now fits on a single screen with the introductory paragraph.

No word back acknowledging the feedback.

This is a company with whom I have done business for decades. It seems that recently they changed their packaging and imitated the ugly packaging on the website. In the old days they used three colours on their packages with a light coloured background. Why they went to black for packaging is beyond me. Maybe it helps them use recycled paper or something…

Anyway, I had some fun and enjoyed trying to make the world a better place. It must be my “good deed” day. This morning, I contacted a local small business selling refurbished PCs with that other OS. I suggested Debian GNU/Linux and provided some starting points. A reply contained thoughtful questions. I also remembered I had dug up a raspberry cane and forgot to plant it. Fortunately it was in good condition in my workshop and I went out in the rain to make things right. I have about half my yard roto-tilled now and seeding could happen next week. I have slimmed down my garden tractor for the final preparation of the surface. A good day, indeed.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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5 Responses to What To Do About Websites That Offend The Eyes?

  1. gewg_ says:

    Your filter hates my posts–every one over 1 line.

  2. gewg_ says:

    When I stumble on these idiots’ sites, I like to run their pages thru the W3C’s HTML Validator just for laughs.
    Of course, they always fail miserably.

    While the bozos are getting their $#!+ together:

    1) Gecko browsers have a Use -my- chosen colors… preference.

    2) The Gecko-compatible Aardvark extension allows you to mark the (meta)block that you would like to keep (isolate) and that often gets rid of e.g. the ridiculous-colors idiocy.

    …and, as I like to point out in these cases, if these nincompoops were electricians or plumbers, they would have had their licenses yanked long ago.

  3. Viktor says:

    Could be a match. Both he and Linux are second-rate.

  4. Herr Blatt says:

    Hey Koz, are you the actor from the movie V/H/S ?

  5. kozmcrae says:

    A good day indeed.

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