Smart Phone Popularity

Credit Suisse sees huge growth, “an increase from last year’s shipments of 471.7 million to 1.176 billion units by 2015”, for smart phones for the next few years with Apple maintaining a 23% share of units shipped.

If the prediction holds, by 2015 the number of PCs that are smart phones will rival the number of PCs that are notebooks and desktops today. That should mean years of fair competition for mind-share rather than the monopoly of Wintel. I expect some of that fairness to reach retail shelves of PCs this year, and not just in smart phones but in desktop and notebook PCs. Not so, today. I just checked and had zero hits for Linux. Android did better. had a huge number of hits for Android tablets but still only a trickle for Linux. Fortunately, a year is a long time in terms of computer technology.

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