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What To Do About Websites That Offend The Eyes?

I came across a website today that really offended me. It contained important information from a famous brand but the colour scheme (thin white letters on a black background) and embedded legalese made finding information difficult. If that weren’t enough, … Continue reading

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Unrestricted Firearms Registry in Canada Gone By August

Lawyers responding to the injunction in Quebec stated that destruction of the unrestricted firearms registry will begin by August. There is a hold on data from Quebec until that matter is taken up by the courts. The RCMP had a … Continue reading

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Smart Phone Popularity

Credit Suisse sees huge growth, “an increase from last year’s shipments of 471.7 million to 1.176 billion units by 2015”, for smart phones for the next few years with Apple maintaining a 23% share of units shipped. If the prediction … Continue reading

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Illegal Copying is not Theft

A US court has ruled that software is not property to support a charge of theft of property. The purported theft involved an unauthorized download from a server. This should put a damper on inflammatory comments that illegal copying is … Continue reading

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Is Google Making A Mistake By Selling Tablets?

Ron Miller thinks so. His key point? ” once again Google is treading into unfamiliar territory. Companies tend to fail when they go outside their comfort zone (Apple’s foray into retail stores being a notable exception). My feeling is Google … Continue reading

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Intel Studybook Striptease

Around the world, Intel and others are touting a new tablet designed for education. It’s specs include a new Atom processor, 7 inch screen and education-specific software. The OS is listed as “7”/Android Honeycomb. With a bit of searching I … Continue reading

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