Q1 2012

IDC has just posted its Q1 report of PC shipments. Lenovo has grown dramatically but the overall shipments were 87million, up just 2.3% from the same quarter a year ago. US shipments were up just 1%. Let’s see M$ report that as a huge increase next week…

An interesting feature of the report is that Lenovo, despite its popularity globally, is still not in the “top 5” in the US. Also US shipments are stuck at 19% of global shipments. It could be that Lenovo just has not the width of “channel” that the others have. In Canada, Lenovo is readily available. At the present annual rate of growth, Lenovo could displace HP as the top shipper of PCs within one year. What they lack in USA, they have “in spades” in China.

While IDC attributes lack of demand for PCs to shortages of hard drives, that’s demand at the level of the OEM, not the retailer. I have not seen retail prices rise or shelves empty due to demand exceeding supply. There’s more to this stagnation than hard drives and floods in Thailand. It’s real people loving small cheap computers. That market is growing 100% per annum. Displaysearch finds LCD monitors absolutely flat while all PCs, including tablets, rose 26%. IDC predicts growth of old-style PCs will resume in December… I am not so sure. 1-2.3% is not even a replacement rate. The installed base of old-style PCs, notebooks and boxes, is declining.

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