Malaysia Educates the Public About GNU/Linux

The Government of Malaysia has long used GNU/Linux internally. In their country, many consumers are unaware of GNU/Linux and replace FreeDOS on PCs with illegal copies of that other OS. A program is under way to persuade OEMs and retailers to use GNU/Linux on PCs instead.

Google translate of the news:“discussion begins with a presentation by Dr. Jeremy Malcolm in respect of the purpose and role to be played by FOMCA / Consumers International (CI) to provide awareness to consumers about the Open Software Development (Open Source Software) through Policy A2K (Access to Knowledge). In addition, it aims to promote the use of Ubuntu Linux to replace FreeDOS as now used by most computer suppliers in Malaysia. Normally, users who buy a new computer will replace FreeDOSS found in their own computers with pirated Windows software. Therefore, to curb the use of pirated software, then FOMCA plans a campaign to enlighten and educate Linux users to use more modern software, complete and current. Through this matter, the use of open source could be improved. To accomplish this, then FOMCA require collaboration from the Open Software community such as ABLE, OSCC and authorities such as Ministry.”

Malaysia is a country of 28million people. In Q4 2011, Malaysia consumed 700K new PCs. This move could greatly increase use of GNU/Linux in that country.

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