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2012 is the Year of the Android/Linux Tablet

Last year, Android/Linux began to gain traction in the tablet PC market. This year, even the white-box makers of tablets in China are cranking out 3 million tablets a month. Samsung, HTC, Amazon and the rest are producing more than … Continue reading

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Malaysia Educates the Public About GNU/Linux

The Government of Malaysia has long used GNU/Linux internally. In their country, many consumers are unaware of GNU/Linux and replace FreeDOS on PCs with illegal copies of that other OS. A program is under way to persuade OEMs and retailers … Continue reading

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With Friends Like M$, Who Needs Enemies?

M$ recently boasted how it was making the Internet safe by grabbing servers and domains connected to botnets. It turns out they were a bull in a china shop breaking all kinds of legitimate sites and blocking the work of … Continue reading

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My daughter is taking a course that involves multimedia. Here’s one of her projects. Enjoy:

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Q1 2012

IDC has just posted its Q1 report of PC shipments. Lenovo has grown dramatically but the overall shipments were 87million, up just 2.3% from the same quarter a year ago. US shipments were up just 1%. Let’s see M$ report … Continue reading

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