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Endless Sorrows

It never ends. M$’s next Patch Tuesday will document multiple “critical vulnerabilities”, some being exploited today but M$’s users have to wait. When will the world be freed from the zombie OS from M$? I switched to GNU/Linux years ago … Continue reading

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Glyn Moody Gets One Right

Glyn Moody is often right, IMHO. Today he gets another one right: “why pay for costly closed-source infrastructure software when all the high-profile success stories are running open source from top to bottom? Do you really want to bet they’re … Continue reading

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XBMC: Killer App for GNU/Linux?

In my experience there are two things that the masses of ordinary people do with PCs: entertain themselves and communicate with the outside world. The entertainment part is huge. My “little woman”, for instance, will have 20 pages open in … Continue reading

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