Selling Android/Linux

I was just reading that Toshiba promises a new line of tablets running Android/Linux on ARM. Included in the list is a 13 inch model. I can tell you that will be popular with old folks whose eyes don’t readily focus… Indeed, ARS reports that Toshiba found, “the company’s initial tablet offering, the Toshiba Thrive, had captured an odd niche of the market: two-thirds of the Thrives sold went to customers 55 and older, according to a survey the company took of buyers.”

People still love small cheap computers but a larger screen is always more fun. On their site, Toshiba also lists among the selling points, ” If you don’t need a PC for cranking out heavy-duty work documents, a tablet can mean big savings on software. As with a smartphone, many applications are free; others cost between $1 and $20. Compare that to the professional-grade software for laptops and other computers, which can go for hundreds of dollars, and it’s easy to see how populating your tablet with inexpensive apps can be far easier on the wallet.”

So, the tablet with Android/Linux is being sold as a small cheap computer, large cheap computer and just a plain old cheap computer, all by the same company at the same time… Gotta love it when a company sells things. They tell their customers what the customer wants to hear. There’s something for everyone with Android/Linux.

Imagine what Toshiba’s marketing bees could do with GNU/Linux. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It runs well on small, large, fast, slow, old, new, expensive, inexpensive, clustered or reliable computers whether you are young, old, rich or poor or in the middle somewhere.

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