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Technology Plans for Schools: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

While digging for information about use of GNU/Linux I stumble upon various educational and technology plans for schools. Some are pretty good, while others are horrible. The bad ones go something like this: What do we want to do with … Continue reading

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Before and After the Filter

Some more data from NetApplications for March: OS share (%) OS CA CA – Google Google USA USA-CA TOS 70.10 76.25 19.06 84.25 86.05 MacOS 20.55 22.77 2.16 14.03 13.29 GNU/Linux 9.35 0.97 78.78 1.72 0.65 Google=Mountain View + Sunnyvale … Continue reading

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Correspondence Between SEC and M$

see SEC Letter to M$ This is the tail end of an exchange of letters which related to the annual report of the previous fiscal year. Some general comments and a discussion of dealings with embargoed countries like Syria included … Continue reading

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