Government of Malaysia Continues to Increase Usage of FLOSS

Recently a two-session short course in using in government was given in the state of Perlis. Perlis is a tiny state in Malaysia, heavily dependent on agriculture and tourism. This may represent the thin edge of the wedge making IT affordable and facilitating more industry.

see Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Software Program – Introduction to in the Office of the State Secretary of Perlis

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One Response to Government of Malaysia Continues to Increase Usage of FLOSS

  1. aardvark says:

    And then again, it may not.

    Quoting from your link to that most excellent and trustworthy sources of information, Wikipedia, this small statelet of two cities and 227,025 people has the following dream:

    “Currently, Perlis is planning to develop a land port to ensure Malaysian economy will be able to surpass Singapore’s. Despite the fact that the land port is still in planning stage, a local company, Globonus is injecting a huge amount of capital every year to make sure this dream comes true.”

    If you’ve ever dealt with Malaysians, you’ll find they are obsessive about Singapore. This particular obsession is, frankly, stupid. It will never happen, with or without Linux.

    But I guess Gnu/Linux is an excellent choice of force multiplier for 250,000 people. It could have worked for Iceland and Coventry, too!

    Except … it didn’t.

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