C-19 Passed by the Canadian Senate

Yesterday the Senate voted overwhelmingly in favour of Bill C-19, an act to abolish the unrestricted firearms registry in Canada. All that remains for the bill to become law is royal assent from the Governor General which is usually given on advice from the cabinet. Laws given royal assent are published in the Canada Gazette (RSS) (sooner or later).

There could be a complication if the province of Quebec follows through on its plan to sue the government of Canada over the constitutionality of the change. Quebec wants Canada to turn over the registry to Quebec (a fork in FLOSS-speak ?). I doubt that would fly as the Supreme Court of Canada has looked at the Firearms Act as a matter of “safety” and therefor federal in jurisdiction. There could be a matter of “preserving information” but the registry has a lot of disinformation (like glue-guns) and it may not be clear whether registration documents as well as the database are to be scrapped. I doubt the Court could find it was not the intent of Parliament to scrap all of it. I doubt there is any way Quebec can force the government of Canada to turn over anything involving personal data on people without consent of the people and the government of Canada.

That’s just silly but we have seen the gun-grabbers do silly things before so expect the effort to be made. If Quebec does somehow win that battle, expect firearms owners to be mad as Hell and motivated to continue the fight. I expect the gun-grabbers will lick their wounds and try again at the next possible opportunity. I hope Parliament never again takes the bait. In the meantime, I will declare “Victory!” when C-19 receives royal assent soon.

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Bill C-19 to Become Law

We should all thank Candice Hoeppner, Garry Breitkreuz, and Vic Toews and many more for bringing this about.

UPDATE There is a report that royal assent was expected the next day and may have been given Thursday afternoon, 2011-4-5… YEEEHAAA!

““All I can say is that as soon as the legislation comes into effect this afternoon the process to start to destroy the information will occur,” Toews said. When Bill C-19 passed the House of Commons, the government confirmed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is responsible for the Canadian Firearms Program, would destroy both the paper and electronic records in-house. The costs of data destruction is set to come from existing budgets.”

see Long-gun registry and its data to die on Thursday

There is another report that PQ sought an injunction that will last until April 13 when a hearing should decide whether or not the registry may be destroyed. To Hell with them…
“Just as the Harper government’s bill to end the long-gun registry becomes law, a Quebec Superior Court judge has granted a five-day injunction against destroying the data about Quebec gun owners found in the registry.”
see Quebec court injunction delays gun registry’s demise

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