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Desktop Centricity

On Linux Blog Safari, Barbara Hudson opined, “Who knows — maybe when Red Hat is making twice as much in a few years, people will start noticing that the trickle-down from Red Hat’s success has made the latest Fedora into … Continue reading

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Linux Kernel Development Has Levelled Off

In nuclear weaponry, there’s a concept for a weapon using fission of Critical Mass, the mass needed to make a spontaneous sustainable nuclear reaction. A bit more mass or better geometry and bad things happen quickly. Fortunately nothing bad has … Continue reading

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Google’s Project Glass – Future or Present?

Google has revealed a project that has a concept of a pair of eye-glasses to feed information to a user. It’s interesting but IMHO lacks some obvious features: It’s asymmetric. Symmetry is high on the list of features that makes … Continue reading

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Government of Malaysia Continues to Increase Usage of FLOSS

Recently a two-session short course in using OpenOffice.org in government was given in the state of Perlis. Perlis is a tiny state in Malaysia, heavily dependent on agriculture and tourism. This may represent the thin edge of the wedge making … Continue reading

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2011 Was a Good Year for FLOSS. 2012 Will Be Better

I read an article with the grim title of “2011: The Year of Linux Disappointments”. I disagree with most of it but found a nugget that was news to me. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that OpenOffice.org … Continue reading

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I and my blog have just been defined as “relatively old”… “DD: Linuxaria blog is relatively old. How, why and when have you decided to start it? RC: I finished some long-term project in 2010, and I found myself with … Continue reading

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C-19 Passed by the Canadian Senate

Yesterday the Senate voted overwhelmingly in favour of Bill C-19, an act to abolish the unrestricted firearms registry in Canada. All that remains for the bill to become law is royal assent from the Governor General which is usually given … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Best-seller List for Tablets

7″ Android 2.2 – $90 7″ Android 2.3 – $120 iPad2 – $400 8″ Android 2.3 – $180 7″ Android 2.3 – $90 The moral of the story? People love small cheap computers and are willing to pay $90-$400 for … Continue reading

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Cloud Momentum

While total uptake of cloud services is still a small percentage of the pie, it seems to be taking off with sustained growth forecast for years to come. Some predictions from Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2012: … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Continues to Grow

This is not actually news. They have been growing strongly for a while but they have a new update with plenty of bug-fixes and the growth continues. They have over 400 contributors and some are specializing in quality control which … Continue reading

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