Moore’s Law for SSD Catching Up With Hard Drives

The hard drive has been king of PC-storage for decades. The end of the reign could be in sight. Intel has improved price/performance sufficiently to make SSD widely accessible to consumers who don’t have huge storage needs. For those of us still with huge storage SSDs are still way too expensive unless we have money/revenue to burn.

Prices are where hard drives were a few years ago in $/gB and performance is superior. In a couple of years at this rate, SSDs will be everywhere. I can seen notebooks being a prime market as the SSD weighs less, performs faster, uses less power and mobile people can access huge data on the web. SSDs are a good match. Desktops tend to be in one place doing one task longer and may need more storage. Everyone needs the improved performance. Within five years, SSDs may well be king.

see New Intel flash hardness performs faster for less – 330-series SSD is cheap as chips

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  1. Ray says:

    Most likely true, since the proformance is great.

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