Government as Malware

Governments exist to do what individuals and small organizations cannot. They are supposed to protect us from crime but things can go horribly wrong when governments extend their powers to the extent that they commit crimes (wars, intrusion into civil liberties, etc.).

That’s the case with MegaUpload. The US government has prosecuted MegaUpload for promoting violation of copyright and the resulting legal grid-lock has caused every user of MegaUpload to have data locked-up by the court. The prosecution eventually stated they had all the evidence they needed and means were set up to allow innocent parties to retrieve their data but now the government has told the court that some of the data on the servers is actually child pornography and cannot be released as contraband. So, conflicting legal reuirements leave everyone in a bind: the innocent parties cannot get their data, the owners of the servers have to keep their capital tied up and power bills being paid, and the courts are being choked with bloated legal processes while MegaUpload’s funds have been frozen.

We have the same effect as malware on IT. IT grinds to a halt because of irrelevant processes. If every server in the world that might have malware on it were seized, would IT operate at all?

see US government: We hear there’s child porn on those Megaupload servers, judge!

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3 Responses to Government as Malware

  1. It’s not Mega uploads fault if there are porn in the server. They can delete that and return the files of legitimate users.

  2. Ray says:

    This is really sticky for the US. It can’t just release the data, since CP can just download and upload them again, but if they hold the data, the EFF would scream over the inability to get your stuff…

  3. oiaohm says:

    Now if you have account that contain contraband this USA Police must be idiots. Correct process would be to offer to return everything by ground transport. This way you can now track the contraband to a physical location even better be waiting for the person to pick up the contraband. Of course you don’t want to advertise that you have detected it so might have replaced it with harmless junk.

    Don’t we want people with child porn collection prosecuted or something. This does ask more questions does the USA Police force need a search for criminals inside???

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