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Freedom to Own Property Returns to Canada Today

Well, not precisely. The motion to pass bill C-19, the bill to destroy the registry of unrestricted firearms, is due to be voted at 1730 Ottawa time today. The debate yesterday was very bitter. Senators ridiculed each other’s efforts instead … Continue reading

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Government as Malware

Governments exist to do what individuals and small organizations cannot. They are supposed to protect us from crime but things can go horribly wrong when governments extend their powers to the extent that they commit crimes (wars, intrusion into civil … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law for SSD Catching Up With Hard Drives

The hard drive has been king of PC-storage for decades. The end of the reign could be in sight. Intel has improved price/performance sufficiently to make SSD widely accessible to consumers who don’t have huge storage needs. For those of … Continue reading

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IT Crime of the New Century

Apple and M$, two of the biggest monopolists in IT (personal computing certainly, and branching out), are accusing Motorola of doing what they do… The irony makes me chuckle. M$ and Apple have been suing the world and don’t want … Continue reading

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Creation and Evolution of OpenStack

One of the things that makes me believe FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) is the right way to do IT is that the software is easy to share, bringing together many people to get the job of creating software done … Continue reading

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