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The World of IT According to IDC

I disagree with IDC’s view of the world in a couple of ways: They seem to like linear growth, which works for rates of production, but ignores consumer demand feeding fires… The growth of tablet shipments has been 100%+ for … Continue reading

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I just checked the stats. As of today, this is our busiest month yet and we still have 3.5 days to go. Every couple of months we set a new record. Still, the server is not working that hard: 18:03:41 … Continue reading

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Oracle Now on the Defensive

Oracle, who trumpeted to the world that Google stole their property and owed Oracle $billions, now is on the defensive in the suit they brought. Today, GROKLAW shows the arguments the court asked of the participants: “Google asserts that Sun’s … Continue reading

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Price Competition in Tablet PCs

Chuckle. The world loves small cheap computers and the tablet is where consumers will have a feeding frenzy in 2012. Google is expected to release a 7″ tablet soon in competition with Amazon’s Kindle. This year what you can get … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Committee Meeting

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 28, 2012 will be the third of four days of meetings about C-19, a bill to abolish the foolish unrestricted firearms registry in Canada. For 17 years we have born this burden. It has long ago worn … Continue reading

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Linus Torvalds Tilts at Windmills and Breaks Their Monopoly

Linus testified about old newsgroup postings that just about kill any novelty in the FAT/Long-file-names patent that M$ used to abuse it’s power in the market. May all software patents burn in Hell… see Nick Farrel – Linus Torvalds busts … Continue reading

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It’s Not April 1 But Some Guys Start The Jokes Early

I read this today and nearly fell off my chair laughing: “The problem is marketing. The problem is also the business model of Linux. Namely – that there is not one.” TFA goes on to mention the technical excellence of … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved

I’ve been wondering since the summer why NetApplications showed a huge rise in GNU/Linux share that did not seem attributable to anything in particular. Here are some clues: Operating System USA – DMA1 San Fran USA DMA San Fran Windows … Continue reading

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Margins of OEMs

Notebook makers gross margins dip below 5% for 4Q11 says Digitimes. They report that OEMs are squeezed by lower volumes and increased overhead but the real big reason is OEMs are squeezed by Wintel. People want small cheap computers and … Continue reading

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IT in Education

A theme of mine for a decade has been using IT more fully in education to make education more effective and efficient. Big points in the list include: using FLOSS and GNU/Linux on desktops, using thin clients, using servers, in-school … Continue reading

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M$ Leaves Front Door Open, Complains About Bad Guys

M$’s vulnerable operating system hosts millions of malware instances but they have made some PR of identifying and eliminating a few command-and-control systems on the web. I wish they would spend as much time making good code rather than foisting … Continue reading

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M$ Smoked in its Own Rigged Competition

A guy with an Android/Linux device beat the pants off a “contest” where M$ hoped to demonstrate the superiority of Phoney “7”. M$ put on the “competition” at one of its stores with its own “ringer” knowing in advance what … Continue reading

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