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Bring Your Own Freedom

I was reading about IBM’s acceptance and management of Bring Your Own Device policy for IT and reflected that IBM is likely not alone in this movement. Businesses of all sizes and locations may find some variation of BYOD useful. … Continue reading

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RMS in India

When I was young, rms meant “root-mean-square” a form of averaging in alternating current meansurments. Now it means Richard Stallman, icon of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) or simply, Free Software. He defined the term and began/codified a movement to … Continue reading

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IT in the Canadian Budget

Besides changes like eliminating the one cent coin (which costs 1.5 cents to manufacture…) there is actually some modernization of IT in the budget: reduction of travel by means of video-conferencing, reduction of paper documents by means of electronic documents, … Continue reading

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US Market Becoming Irrelevant in IT

For decades, the USA was the trend-setter in all things IT. In the last few years that has changed dramatically: USA now receives only 20% of PCs shipped by OEMs, mostly replacing old machines. USA received only 21.3% of 491million … Continue reading

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