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Budget of the Canadian Government

There are some really good things in the budget: getting rid of 19K employees, improve schools and infrastructure on Indian reserves, various tax changes, innovation in science/technology by using grants and matching funds, budgetary surplus within a few years, and … Continue reading

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Push Comes to Shove at the Canadian Senate’s Legal and Consitutional Affairs Committee

Today is the day the gloves will come off. This morning the agenda consists of statements and Q&A from two witnesses but this afternoon, clause by clause examination of the bill will happen. This is the last faint hope of … Continue reading

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Oracle’s Position is Worse Than I Thought

I was thinking that Oracle’s claims in Oracle v Google were bottoming out at a few tens of $millions. It turns out to be worse than that. In the pre-trial meeting, Google made a reasonable offer that amounts to just … Continue reading

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Munich Breaks Even By Migrating To GNU/Linux

Mayor Ude of Munich, Germany, has stated some facts about the effects of the migration from that other OS to GNU/Linux: Savings of 4 million Euros on hardware and software upgrades, thanks to free ($0) licences for GNU/Linux and lower … Continue reading

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