Price Competition in Tablet PCs

Chuckle. The world loves small cheap computers and the tablet is where consumers will have a feeding frenzy in 2012. Google is expected to release a 7″ tablet soon in competition with Amazon’s Kindle. This year what you can get for under $200 will put to shame many old-style PCs: price, mobility, weight, size, cuteness, etc. I have pockets that will hold a 7″ tablet. Probably the glove-compartment of my car could hold one. I could have them laying about on multiple flat surfaces… Think of the possibilities. As in every market, one can spend $600+ on stuff with very similar functionality but, “Why bother?”. You can buy two or three for the price of one… This will surely take a bite out of Wintel. Who needs to “go to the PC” for something that’s within arm’s length wherever you are?

see Digitimes – Google 7-inch tablet PCs to bring price-cut pressure on other vendors

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  1. I have a wife, “the little woman”, who uses multiple PCs and a smart phone daily. She types perhaps a few paragraphs every day. She rarely uses a keyboard because there are shortcuts and links to everything she needs. She can easily shift to a machine with a real 3D keyboard if she wanted. Our house is large but one can walk anywhere in a few seconds. We have four “real” keyboards, not counting those flat things on notebooks which I hate to use. Two of the keyboard are wireless so one could, in principle, walk around to different PCs to type… Not being able to type well on a tablet is not a show-stopper for many people. For reading or playing multi-media, they are superb.

  2. Phenom says:

    $200 for a tablet is a great deal, and Amazon Kindle Fire is a proof. It is actually quite a nice gadget. My only problem with it is that my eyes feel better when reading on the e-Ink Kindle.

    However, you simply can’t use it to write even a longish e-mail, without wincing. Typing on a 7″ thing is terrible. Just give it a try and type a 3 page document. I bet you will just get in the car and drive for the closest PC shop on page 2.

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