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Another Day, Another Committee Meeting

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 28, 2012 will be the third of four days of meetings about C-19, a bill to abolish the foolish unrestricted firearms registry in Canada. For 17 years we have born this burden. It has long ago worn … Continue reading

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Linus Torvalds Tilts at Windmills and Breaks Their Monopoly

Linus testified about old newsgroup postings that just about kill any novelty in the FAT/Long-file-names patent that M$ used to abuse it’s power in the market. May all software patents burn in Hell… see Nick Farrel – Linus Torvalds busts … Continue reading

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It’s Not April 1 But Some Guys Start The Jokes Early

I read this today and nearly fell off my chair laughing: “The problem is marketing. The problem is also the business model of Linux. Namely – that there is not one.” TFA goes on to mention the technical excellence of … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved

I’ve been wondering since the summer why NetApplications showed a huge rise in GNU/Linux share that did not seem attributable to anything in particular. Here are some clues: Operating System USA – DMA1 San Fran USA DMA San Fran Windows … Continue reading

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Margins of OEMs

Notebook makers gross margins dip below 5% for 4Q11 says Digitimes. They report that OEMs are squeezed by lower volumes and increased overhead but the real big reason is OEMs are squeezed by Wintel. People want small cheap computers and … Continue reading

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