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IT in Education

A theme of mine for a decade has been using IT more fully in education to make education more effective and efficient. Big points in the list include: using FLOSS and GNU/Linux on desktops, using thin clients, using servers, in-school … Continue reading

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M$ Leaves Front Door Open, Complains About Bad Guys

M$’s vulnerable operating system hosts millions of malware instances but they have made some PR of identifying and eliminating a few command-and-control systems on the web. I wish they would spend as much time making good code rather than foisting … Continue reading

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M$ Smoked in its Own Rigged Competition

A guy with an Android/Linux device beat the pants off a “contest” where M$ hoped to demonstrate the superiority of Phoney “7”. M$ put on the “competition” at one of its stores with its own “ringer” knowing in advance what … Continue reading

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Chuckle. No One Wants Small Expensive Computers.

I had to laugh when I read today that OEMs are planning to produce more Wintel tablets this fall than WARM (Windows on ARM)… Digitimes – “The number of Windows 8-based tablet PC models that feature Intel’s platform is expected … Continue reading

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