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Google Sunk Oracle’s Battleship

Oracle v Google has become a game of words. It started out as an ominous war-cloud with Oracle claiming $billions but now Oracle will be lucky to recover its costs of the litigation. Google’s latest salvo about whether or not … Continue reading

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Watching Distrowatch

The number of distros over 1000 hits per day keeps rising. Only a little while ago it was ten. Now there are 13. I have no doubt this means more people are coming to use GNU/Linux and shopping for their … Continue reading

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Chrome OS Makes it Mainstream

Chrome OS was a great idea from Google but besides a few small issues, it has not been mainstream. That may be about to change. An FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) registration for “something” from Sony has been in the … Continue reading

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Evolution of IT at a Global Business

Years ago Sabre Holdings, a big player in the travel business, used UNIX operating systems on SPARC servers. A few years ago they started phasing out older UNIX servers for GNU/Linux on Intel for huge savings and better performance: “The … Continue reading

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