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Analysis of an ISP’s Logs – FLOSS Usage

Researchers studied the logs of an ISP with millions of users and a bunch of large US companies. Key findings, IMHO, include: “OSS is a legitimate technological choice, which is increasingly followed by major US companies. In stable slow-growth environments … Continue reading

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Canonical Surveys Users

Desktops part 1 and Desktops part 2 – most respondents installed Ubuntu themselves and found it easy to do. No surprise there. Servers – Ubuntu servers are widely used for infrastructure: web, file, print, backup, e-mail etc. and usage is … Continue reading

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Ziff Davis Enterprise

I received a note in my mail: “We are pleased to announce that Ziff Davis Enterprise and its companion newsletters and Websites are now properties of QuinStreet, Inc. We will continue to deliver the same focused, practical, and current coverage … Continue reading

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2012 Will be The Year of The GNU/Linux Desktop

The GNU/Linux desktop has been around and growing for a while now but 2012 will be special: Android/Linux and GNU/Linux are getting together on ARM, Many OEMs are now producing desktop/notebook machines with GNU/Linux, including some old and new styles, … Continue reading

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Heartbeat of IT in USA

Obvious, in this data from GS.Statcounter.com, is that on weekends, the shares of XP drop and the shares of “7” rise, reflecting consumers’ choices on retail shelves, and business use of XP, “Others”, probably mostly GNU/Linux, is more flat, indicating … Continue reading

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