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Sue me, M$!

No, not me literally, but this other guy who is daring M$ to sue him for violating the single-user provision of “the EULA” in “7”. OnLive has been flaunting the provision and other customers of M$ are angry that they … Continue reading

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Searching With Google

I use Google a lot. I can usually find what I want in just the first few links. Sometimes it does not work well as when some rock band has a name like “IT” or “reboot” or something but I … Continue reading

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Major Strength of GNU/Linux, Price

I still encounter claims that M$’s OS costs less than GNU/Linux. People have claimed that system administrators, and system management are somehow magically more expensive, or productivity of users is less but that’s not true and has not been true … Continue reading

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Bill Gates (1989): Windows is DOS for Twice the Price

Reading the old document from Comes v M$ brings back memories. In those days, 1989, DOS was the only game in town for x86 PCs, all the apps were made to run on it, and M$ leveraged that monopoly to … Continue reading

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