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Operating Systems as Commodities

Back in 1995, when M$ was figuring out how to control the ecosystem Paul Otellini (Intel) wrote, “Microsoft doesn’t want Intel to be in the system software business for the very same reason – we don’t want the operating system … Continue reading

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Distrowatch Top 20-somethings

There are a lot of distributions (distros) of GNU/Linux. A lot of newbies visit Distrowatch.com to check them out, compare styles and contents and try one or more out. It’s the “car lot” GNU/Linux. The ranking of “Hits Per Day” … Continue reading

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What Difference Can a Year Make?

A year ago, Laurie Wurster, of Gartner published a blog entry with some vital statistics: There’s no mention of desktops in the article but there’s lots of mention of applications, the glue that keeps M$’s stuff on desktops in business. … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux has much more than 1% share of desktops

Here’s a post I made over at forums.debian.net. It’s about the same old FUD about lack of popularity of GNU/Linux based on faulty web statistics. When I tried to look at households in Mountain View: “Geographic and Demographic Filter: Total … Continue reading

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