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First Meeting of Senate Legal and Consitutional Affairs Committee on C-19

Vic Toews was the first witness. He spoke eloquently and raised several good points: the registration of unrestricted firearms does nothing to prevent crime, the registry was an expensive failure, it drove a wedge between citizens and police, and police … Continue reading

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M$ Does a Good Deed and is Punished

Not quite sure what it means but I think it’s cool that M$ does actual work and provides office-suite functionality over the web. Strangely, they introduced a bewildering array of their product versions nine months ago and are now cutting … Continue reading

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IBM on Licensing OpenOffice.org

Douglas Heintzman of IBM wrote, ” Apache also promotes a licensing regime that lends itself to innovation and participation of well-resourced organizations and has a higher comfort level with many corporate customers. The question of licensing models is for some … Continue reading

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The Software Stack

LAMP is one of my favourite things. GNU/Linux under Apache web server with MySQL database and PHP is a neat, flexible and powerful tool. PHP is not my favourite programming language because it is fast in development but slow in … Continue reading

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