Oracle is Drowning, Clutching at Straws in Oracle v Google

“Because and classes are written in the Java programming language, both classes are compiled to
virtual machine instructions for execution. Therefore, the entire dexopt process occurs during the execution of the virtual machine instructions of these two classes. The proposed additions to the ICs merely identify that these specific virtual machine instructions are executing when dexopt
performs the generating step by calling the functions in DexOptimize.c, including optimizeClass(), optimizeMethod(), and rewriteExecuteInlineRange().”

Oracle is having to dig deeply to find any leverage on Google’s Android/Linux to find any possibilty of a valid claim in Oracle v Google. They now beg the court to amend its claims to include greater specificity in how, exactly, they believe Google violates their patents. This fuss is being made over a patent that the USPTO has already found wanting and issued a “final rejection”

How the mighty art fallen. From demanding $6billion in “damages” from Google they now are begging to be let into the only lifeboat in sight.

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