Is March 13 Your Unlucky Day?

Today could be the day malware artists figure out how to do remote code execution on many millions of PCs and servers running M$’s OS with RDP enabled. M$ has released a patch this patch Tuesday but who knows how many machines will be unpatched in the next few days?

see M$ MS-12-20

Need we say more about the foolishness of leaving your IT as a monoculture of M$’s stuff after decades of them demonstrating little or no concern for security?

UPDATE IT World has a thoughtful review of the situation. They believe M$ has underplayed the seriousness of the vulnerability by mentioning that RDP is not enabled by default in M$’s OS. Many organizations use RDP to control servers and in Wintel, servers control desktops…

see Experts sound worm alarm for critical Windows bug

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  1. aardvark says:

    Ah, the curse of youthful optimism.

    Sometimes it pays to wait for something to go hideously wrong. Nobody questions your motives whilst you are waiting, and nobody can laugh at you.

    But when things don’t go hideously wrong?

    People just laugh.

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