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Oracle is Playing for Peanuts

Trial is set for April 16 in Oracle v Google and the list of patents Oracle is claiming have been violated is now gutted. The court recently ruled that the entire value of SUN’s stuff is $561 million for the … Continue reading

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As The Ship Sinks, M$ Readies Larger Lifeboats

As M$’s client OS teeters on the brink of irrelevance, M$ will have to increase prices for the truly locked-in or face severe drops in revenue. The latest announcement is a change to M$’s database product licensing. Instead of charging … Continue reading

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Is March 13 Your Unlucky Day?

Today could be the day malware artists figure out how to do remote code execution on many millions of PCs and servers running M$’s OS with RDP enabled. M$ has released a patch this patch Tuesday but who knows how … Continue reading

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Wasting No Time, Canadian Senate Schedules Meetings on C-19

The Senate has scheduled four days of meetings this month on Bill C-19, to destroy the registry of long/unrestricted firearms. The first is tomorrow and involves Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety. “Wednesday, March 14, 2012 4:15 PM Televised … Continue reading

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Oracle is Drowning, Clutching at Straws in Oracle v Google

“Because PackageManagerService.java and Installer.java classes are written in the Java programming language, both classes are compiled to virtual machine instructions for execution. Therefore, the entire dexopt process occurs during the execution of the virtual machine instructions of these two classes. … Continue reading

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Conspiracy in Linux – The Debian Underworld

Greg Kroah-Hartman revealed the 2.6.32 conspiracy that got many important organizations to gather round the 2.6.32 release of the Linux kernel and support it for years. He had seen the benefit of long-term support for 2.6.16 and inspired the conspiracy … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux: On Time

Mark Shuttleworth: “You can call up Dell or Lenovo and order tens of thousands of laptops or desktops with Ubuntu pre-installed, and they will show up on time, certified.” He was speaking of the reasons governments and large enterprises are … Continue reading

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