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Dell Says Several Countries Have Triple-Digit Growth for GNU/Linux

Dell is in the business of selling PCs and servers. If they write, “Emerging Markets are Embracing Linux Although the United States continues to play a very influential role in the evolution of Linux, it is other countries and regions … Continue reading

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“This Is Crazy. I Hate It.”

That’s what someone’s Dad said when faced with “8”… “There’s nothing intuitive about it… How in the world will I get to my programmes?” Chuckle. I am sure the trolls who visit my blog will say that consumers are demanding … Continue reading

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That Other OS – The Holey Grail of Malware Artists

Next Tuesday, M$ will issue a patch at 1pm ET which will affect all versions of that other OS from XP to “7”, clients and servers. That’s the holy grail of malware artists. They can set loose on LANs and … Continue reading

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Spring Arrives a Month Early Where I Live

Here it is the middle of March and the weather-people are forecasting the arrival of spring: The normal high for this time of year is -2°C, below the freezing point of water. This heat wave will destroy the snow-cover and … Continue reading

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