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Bill To Eliminate the Long Firearms Registry Referred to Committee of the Senate

Yesterday Bill C-19 to end the long firearm registry was read a second time and referred to the committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. At this rate, the bill could become law within a few weeks or months. 2012 will … Continue reading

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Software Patents Challenged … Again

Bilski mis-fired, but now EFF, CCIA and RedHat are asking SCOTUS to pronounce precise limits to patentability of software. Without such limits the courts are being swamped by lawsuits and innovation is being stifled rather than promoted by patents. An … Continue reading

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Android Inside

Google and ASUS are getting together to release a new co-branded tablet soon. There isn’t any real practical reason to do so except that both brands are well known so putting both brands on one product should make a consumer … Continue reading

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Gartner Believes the World Owes Wintel A Living

Gartner has predicted that 2012 will be another slow year for Wintel but 2013 will be better. They seem to feel ARM and */Linux will have no traction. The same forces that Gartner believes will give Wintel traction will also … Continue reading

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One Place Where ARM Beats x86 Cleanly – Fire and Smoke

Those who continue to hold that ARM has no real value in IT should answer this question. Will use of ARM result in more or fewer fiery incidents in personal computing? To get more battery life in mobile computing OEMs … Continue reading

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NOAA and GNU/Linux Predict the Weather

It has long been known that HPC depends heavily on GNU/Linux. An article in The Register shows why, price/performance. NOAA needed a certain performance at the lowest price. To give it to them IBM had to specify x86 servers running … Continue reading

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